Netgen designed and developed an online scheduling and class administration tool custom designed for one of the South Africa’s leading gym groups. Our client had investigated a number of available class scheduling software programmes available for purchase but none met all of the criteria they were looking for. Netgen was approached to design and build a bespoke system that fitted all their requirements without all the unnecessary elements that are usually found in off-the-shelf solutions.

The system has two functions.

One – it is a class scheduling tool that allows gym members to view the different classes available at their club online via the groups’ website. The schedule is displayed over 7 consecutive days starting from the present day. The schedule displays the class name, time/duration, instructor and venue within the club. There is a hover pop-up box with a short description of each class. Members also have the option to print out their schedule with all 7 days fitting onto a single page for convenience. The schedule is also mobile responsive so easily viewed on cell phones and mobile devices.

All class schedule are uploaded by the club managers online via the backend. Any information pertaining to the class can be updated or changed at any time.



Two – The system has a backend administration section which enables the company to manage the entire class and instructor side of the business. There are various levels to the system with different people given different levels of access and roles.

At the top of the structure is the National Product Manager and Administrator, they are able to do the following:

  • Add approved fitness instructors and capture their details on a profile page.
  • Capture approved class names and descriptions
  • Approve all class schedules and changes submitted by club managers. Once approved changes reflect immediately onto the live site so that club members can view
  • View all club reports as well as Group reports. The reports include club, class and instructor attendance, instructor costs, projected spend reports, actual spend reports
  • View history of all updates made by on the system including person, date and time.

Club Managers role:

  • Create and update the class schedule for their club by selecting class, instructor, time and venue within their club
  • Capture class attendance
  • Capture club member access
  • Capture and record instructor no shows
  • Capture notes next to classes if necessary
  • View only their own club report
  • Generate and run a projected monthly (or date range selected) spend report
  • Generate and run an actual monthly (or date range selected) spend report
  • Generate and run a projected VS actual spend report


Netgen’s EASY SCHEDULE Class Administration System allows gym/fitness companies to manage their class schedule, group fitness instructors and member attendance elements of their business in an easy to use and user friendly way. The system gives business owner vital ‘intelligence’ about which are the most profitable aspects of their business and everything can be viewed, managed and analysed online accessible from anywhere at any time.

Please contact us if you would like to us to demo EASY SCHEDULE to your business or if you would like us to design and develop a custom software product specifically for your business.

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