The modern world of commerce and industry demands close attention to online marketing. A large proportion of orders begin with an online search, and much business is completed online, and there are other areas of the online marketing that need to be treated carefully. Of course, you may not have the workforce to pay as much attention to the many aspects of online marketing that are necessary – especially if you are a young company looking to grow – so why not let the experts at Netgen have a look at your online presence and bring things up to date?

At Netgen we have many years of experience in providing bespoke solutions in online marketing, and we have worked with some of the top names in South African commerce and industry. We can offer you a full menu of solutions that will ensure you are right up to date with the latest trends, and we can handle everything from the design and implementation of the website, a company blog and email communications strategies, search results and access to Google PPC adverts and other marketing techniques. We are confident we can do so at a sensible price, and are proud of a reputation for excellent service.

We are more than happy to work with you whether you are a small, growing company or a major entity, and we can take a good look at your current online marketing status and advise on the many improvements that we can make. Whatever your budget you should still talk to Netgen, for we are here to help South Africa’s businesses stay a step ahead with their online presence. Have a look at the services available on our website now, or please get in touch and see just how we can put you at the front of the queue.


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